Iran Carpet Company has more than 80 years experience in field of weaving, producing and


Trading hand woven carpets.
Iran Carpet Company is the most major and the biggest center of hand woven carpet in IRAN with following specifications:
o 10/000 weavers
o 500 branches in villages and rural areas
o 100 branches in major cities
o 24departments



" Conducting the production procedures toward export's needs and making many varieties and choices in order to have alternations in size, design, and dyeing.
" Taking part at different international fairs and exhibitions.
" Receiving the orders for weaving the carpets for
Special places.









Our outstanding measurements
1. Holding the special weaving carpets training course in 1990.
2. Institution of monetary fund (for our employees)
3. Promoting and advancing weaving carpets at the poor and deprived areas.
4. Having close cooperation with UNHCR
5. Publishing the first "Iranian Carpet Review"
6. Having a high and active destination marketing
7. Establishing the weaving carpets' research center and Studying units
8. Constituting the expertise courses
9. Computerizing the process of production and
10. Sharing the profits with the weavers
11. Instalments sale in order to support the
Proletarians and working-classes
12. Weaving the vastest and the most king size
Carpet in All over the world