February 14th coincided with the anniversary of the establishment of Iran Carpet Co



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The establishment of Iran carpet company on Feb.03, 1936  is a milestone in the history of art in the handmade carpet industry of Iran.  Iran Carpet Co. was established in order to create a change in the country's carpet industry.
 The establishment of Iran  carpet company was not based on economic incentives. Although handmade carpets were among the important  functions of the company, the main task of Iran carpet company was to arrange the state of the handmade carpet of the country and protect its 2500-year-old heritage. .
 In line with such a major responsibility, Iran Carpet Co. has achieved remarkable success over more than 83 years of its activities and has been able to consolidate its position as a pioneer in the field of handmade carpet art throughout  the world. Today, Iran carpet  company The most important producer of handmade carpets in the country is active in the production of carpets  of  various regions of the country and raw materials. Production of large carpets of 5000 square meters of Oman and 6000 square meter of Abu Dhabi is an example of the company's capabilities in producing large carpets.
using the experience of 83 years and with a smart look to the future, the company will continue to grow and develop its responsibility and strategic role in the art of Handmade carpet industry.