1. Making the Raw and Original Materials
Well prepared.
2. Making the Loom and the others tools arranged.
pic9.jpg3. Designing
4. Warping frame.
5. Weaving the KILIM.
6. Knotting the Warps.
7. Knotting on the bases of the design, (Colored
8. Woof/Weft and The process of beating
9. Selvedgeing the Fringes
10. Beating the Course (RAJ) and scissoring the Extra piles.
11. Careful forethought to avoid harms
12. Moving from Loom

Generally, there are two kinds of Knotting:
" Persian Knot: At Tabriz, HAriss, and Hamadan
" Turkish Knot: Isfahan, Mashad, Birjand, Kerman, Kashan.

In Iran varies from 20 - 90.A highly qualified carpet has at least 50- 90 Courses